The Designer

Hello from June!

Here’s a brief tale of what inspired me to create these gorgeous pieces of wearable art.

A friend was staying with me and taught me the stitch that is required to make this style of wrap bracelet. I quickly mastered the technique. Finding places that sold exceptional stones, crystals and gems, I spent hours upon hours touching, learning and absorbing the metaphysical and healing properties of all the different stones and gems. It calmed my nerves, it gave me a gentle focus, and I began healing myself through the power of these incredible nuggets of Earth! I became obsessed with color and texture and above all the vibration and energy each stone possessed. Now I had the ability to create something unusual, beautiful, and useful with them.

Needing a good long rest, and shortly after learning to make these stunning bracelets, I booked myself into an ashram in the woods for 2 weeks. My intention was to get serenely quiet, yet fiercely focused on what I wanted to do for my next career. In that space, I ended up incessantly designing and creating countless bracelets! The Universe had opened a door and I was ready to receive the message! This happened peacefully and organically. My purpose, my passion, my devotion had unfolded, fueled by the stones themselves! That’s when I realized I needed to share my new found love with the world. So I created JuneStones from a purposeful, heart-centered space.

Each and every stone I work with holds extraordinary beauty and power. Every bracelet I create bewitches and excites me. They hold the power to transform your energy, your heart and your mind. Wear it with the intention it was designed for or just for the sheer beauty of the stones.

I live on the magical island of Kauai now, surrounded by more inspiration than I could ever hope for. Visit my instagram @junestonesjewelry to discover all my latest designs.

May you find the treasured mana it invokes!

I’d like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Maya Ray, the gal that taught me to use my right brain.

And to all the fine folks at Nomad Beads in Boulder, CO for providing insight, classes, gemstone education, and support. Their passion for gemstones and jewelry-making has been a huge part of my journey! And believe me, Nomad Beads is the best bead store on the planet!

~ June Lantz