Abalone and Sage Smudge Kit

Abalone and Sage Smudge Kit

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The JuneStones smudge kit contains a beautiful Abalone Shell and sacred White Sage. To cleanse the gemstones in your wrap bracelet place sage leaves in the abalone shell and burn, holding your bracelet above the smoke.

The gemstones in JuneStones wrap bracelets possess metaphysical properties that can help manifest intentions and support a healthy body. Use these steps to IGNITE your gemstones:

Purify with smoke from sage, sweetgrass, or cedar to clarify and rebalance
Place your bracelet on a vibrant sunny windowsill for a few hours or under the gentle light of the full moon overnight
Sit quietly, holding your bracelet, drawing from the energy of the gemstones, and set the intention that you want the bracelet to help you hold 


** NOTICE ** Please be cautious and aware when smudging and burning your sage. Do not leave burning herbs unattended and take extra care around children and pets. The abalone shell can become very hot, please do not set it down on fabric or wooden surfaces. When finished smudging, be sure that the burning embers are fully extinguished. Herbs are for burning only NOT for consumption**